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We are a young association made up of over 150 members. Our purpose is to keep watch over the public and private patrimony of Cambrai and the surrounding "Cambrésis. It is not possible for us to translate all of the texts of this site into English. However by meeting you on this welcome page, we hope that we can help you discover our city, as well as the heart and the activities of our association.

Here is the text of the first page :


Within our patrimony is housed the memory, the courage, the intelligence and the heart of the people. For this reason, ASPECambrai seeks to defend all that makes up the diversity, the originality and the harmony of our city. Rich in history, Cambrai has been able to preserve a large number of Historical Monuments, beautiful avenues and many very attractive private homes. In 1992 Cambrai was awarded the label “City of art and of history”

In the column on the left, you will find the following headings and subheadings:
Current events,
The association, background, committees, the ASPECambrai awards…………….
Public patrimony, religious, military, civil
Private patrimony, streets, avenues and boulevards, houses and residences, craftsmen, commerce and industry
Lanscape patrimony, public gardens, tree-lined passages, flower gardens

You will find the history, a few comments and a diaporama for each type of patrimony.

Exhibitions. Each year we participate in the « European Days of Patrimony » by presenting an exhibit. The last subjects presented were : 2003 : balconies of Cambrai ; 2004 : façade decorations ; 2005 : roofs of Cambrai ; 2006 : Art-deco of Cambrai ... more recently "Treasures and Memories in Cambrésis", and in november 2014 we shall present in collaboration with all the associations and a number of municipal councils a great exhibition to commemorate the Great War. The exhibition is to take place in the Town Hall of Cambrai between the 18th and the 24thof november, and will be entitled "1914-1918, le Cambrésis d'un Siècle à l' autre" evoking the war, but also the pre-war and post-war periods.


Conseils pratiques (practical suggestions). This column is aimed at people of Cambrai who are undertaking restoration or repair works on their homes

Poil à gratter (Thinking board). Ideas for what could be better, desired improvements

Bulletins. Members can download a document of information and the links to our association


Cambrai is a very beautiful city and merits your visit. We hope that we have given you the envy to come and discover our region and discover how marvellous life can be in Cambrai. 
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This text twill be translated in the languages of the neighbouring countries as well as of those of the twin cities of Cambrai.






Association for the Preservation of the Patrimony and the Environnement of Cambrai